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In addition to new products and services, Voxtur is also focused on a true partnership with Appraisers. Utilizing the Anow Appraisal Management technology platform, Appraisers can now manage appraisal order flow on an industry recognized platform; no need to learn and manage an additional system. Forms are automated and managed by Anow. You will no longer be mandated to use a specific form from a management company. Lenders will work with Voxtur and Anow to build new forms that will work seamlessly with the platform and Appraiser’s workflow.

Anow has engaged a select panel of approved Appraisers across Canada. The Axis Canada Network offers full transparency and cooperation to the appraisal firms using the Anow platform. Powered by Anow, Axis is a self-managed national group of appraisal firms who have chosen Anow software to provide them with technology that allow them to operate efficiently. This partnership is critical to the unique offering that Voxtur is making to Lenders, Brokers and Appraisers.

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We look forward to our continued relationship and the important role you perform in our success.

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