Voxtur Valuation

Providing valuation solutions for Financial Services Industry

Our decades of real estate valuation experience is leading the way for the next-generation of real estate valuation solutions. We leverage the latest technology to deliver the full-spectrum of appraisal and broker price opinion services. To sum it all up, we’re focused on delivering the valuation services that are driving the future of our industry.

Voxtur Valuation Products

Property Data Bundle™

Combination of property data (up to 20 data elements), locational maps, streetscape, aerial and oblique photography. Addresses validation during this process.

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Automated Valuation Model (“AVM”)

Various AVM models available across Canada. Multiple AVMs available in some geographic locations.

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Homeowner or designate provides photos and data to augment the property data bundle available on the subject property.

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Valuation report completed by a certified, local market appraiser. External and internal inspection of the subject property completed and market comparables provided and adjusted to the subject property.

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